RAMA-SIAM GROUP manufactures have a wide range of products such as Dried Tropical Fruits, Freeze dried products including fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices, and meat & seafood products. Individual products are welcome into many of local and international markets. We have two groups of products, including Industrial Products and Consumer Products

We provide industrial products for enterprise factories that need preserved foods to produce a quality product. Air Dried Fruits, Freeze Dried Fruits, Freeze Dried Vegetables as well as Freeze Dried Herbs & Spices, all are produced with care and monitored by food scientist to ensure and guarantee the quality and tastes for the consumers.


RAMA-SIAM retails serve as the portal between retailers and manufacturers in food preservation business. Specific to target retail markets, retail brands of RAMA-SIAM includes SIAM Brand, NUTRI-SOUP Brand and KROB-KREUNG Brand.

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